Clock & Weather widget for Android/iOS

The main goal of the project was to create the best (in terms of user experience) clock& weather widget. Displaying the time, weather & traffic  information for your daily commute.

The widget

We decided to design our vision of what would be the best widget for us in terms of design & function. These clock & weather widgets used to be quite popular with older versions of android. However iOS could benefit from such a widget as well.


With a single swipe you can see the forecast for the 6 days ahead.


The Gaussian Blur effect makes text legible even on complex wallpaper images. You can use any kind of image, no matter how detailed. It also allows for the wallpaper colors to peer through the widget, thus being less of a visual disturbance


A smaller version, to accomodate those who are usg cluttered screens. This minified version gives the main important information at-a-glance.


The blurred effect is an iOS favorite, but we decided to also incorporate a frosted glass option that also uses the blur effect but further distorts the background image. Although, the frosted glass effect doesn't work quite as well on some backgrounds.

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